# Aaron’s Story
Every now and then we hear a story that really warms the heart. We met Aaron at Show Your Ability Hamilton recently and he was kind enough to tell us about his experience with the Goldfern Mobility Premium Rollator. Here is Aaron’s story in his words:
The Challenge

I have a few spinal issues and in the last ten years walking had become slow and painful, something I hate. Being a solid build and 6’3, sports never interested me. However, I have always been active and loved walking local river trails and short bush walks with my kids. This was always our time for processing and talking out issues. I felt robbed of this as my mobility decreased. Due to the problems with my spine I became a tricycle rider four years ago, strictly for pleasure and freedom. Then last year, 2017, I had a couple of falls when walking that limited my walking and movement yet again. While I am stable enough on flat surfaces for short distances up to 50-100 meters unaided, any further and I need handrails, walls and stop starts to make the distance. Without them I am challenged to stay upright and I become tired and stumble often.

The Change

I have been using the Goldfern Mobility Premium Rollator for around six months now. The first month I had the Rollator, I refused to go anywhere that would require me to use it. I was annoyed that I needed it at only 55. It was not long till I became restless and just started using it to walk around the block, at night. I soon found that after my walks I had feeling in my lower extremities again and my posture was stronger. My adult children and I began extending my walks into daylight hours and I joined the local Achilles group.

The Impact

My life has turned almost 360 degrees. I still walk about work and home without the Goldfern Mobility Rollator, but I am now also out in the public eye and clocking up the kilometers. Every Wednesday evening I meet with the Waikato Achilles group and we walk the trails of Hamilton Gardens and some of them are quite steep. Most nights my 15 month old grandson sits on the front of my Rollator and says ‘Walk Walk”, so we walk one to two kilometers around the local area. Now as part of my regular training I am walking three days a week up the Hautapu shared pathway and home again, 5km all up each day.

The Transformation

This year I completed my first ever 6km Around the Bridges walk in Hamilton, using my Goldfern Mobility Premium Rollator. In April, I am heading to Tauranga to complete the 10km walkers marathon and maybe in 2019 the New York Half marathon. All on my Goldfern Mobility Rollator! I am so enjoying the freedom that my Rollator is giving me, and the connection back into my community and most of all my family, as we walk and talk our way through life.


Aaron Ure

Thank you for sharing your positive story with us Aaron. We hope you continue to enjoy your re-found freedom and quality of life. We will look forward to some updates from you when you conquer the Tauranga 10km. If you make it to New York in 2019, we think that may be a first for the humble Goldfern Mobility Premium Rollator – so we’re right behind you mate!


For more information or to enquire about the Goldfern Mobility Premium Rollator, check out –https://goldfernmobility.co.nz/product/premium-rollator/ 

If you’ve had a similar experience to Aaron you would like to share, we’d love to hear your story too. Please feel free to touch base with us at hello@goldfernmobility.co.nz