• Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon

    Introducing the Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon—smart tableware for individuals with hand tremors.

    Its self-stabilizing mechanics offer assistance to Parkinson’s patients or individuals who suffer from hand tremors, making meals easier and more comfortable. Portable and versatile, it’s the perfect solution for independent eating.

  • Handwarmers

    Stay comfortable in the cold outdoors with the additional warmth provided by this hand warmer.
    Air activated, it is designed to reach an average activated temperature of 53°C to keep your hands warm. In addition, it is capable of lasting around 20 hours.

    Air activated
    53°C average activated temperature
    Around 20 hours of heat
    No batteries, no microwaves

    Dimensions: 130mmx100mm

    Available in boxes of 30 handwarmers

  • Heavy Duty Commode

    Product code GM-HMP-CCS040

    The HD Commode is a product that is designed to meet the needs of those who require the extra width. The frame is made from a heavy-duty steel with drop down arms, and height adjustable legs. All of which allows this item to be functional, safe and secure.

  • Heavy Duty Shower Chair with Back and Arms

    Bath bench made from a heavy duty aluminium frame with cross brace design to enhance strength and stability.

  • Hexagonal Crutch Tip

    A rubber stopper/tip with a hexagonal shape and non-slip texture to fit elbow crutches with a tube diameter of 22mm

  • Infrared Thermometer

    Non-Contact Thermometer with Body, Room and Surface temperature modes, recorded by push button action with instant display.

  • Jar Opener

    Designed to break the vacuum seal, which makes the jar much easier to open with minimal effort.

    A plastic jar opener for removing pop off lids from jars.
    Consists of an integral hook and a flat wide handle.
    Position against rim of lid and gently lift to release vacuum until middle of lid pops up.

    Product Code: GM-HMP-060

  • Knee Walker

    This knee walker is designed to assist those who are recovering from lower leg injury or surgery, and will allow them to stay mobile while avoid bearing weight on the affected leg.

    Available as standard or heavy duty

  • L-Shaped Grab Rail

    NZS: 4121 COMPLIANT 90° Angled Grab Rail that provides a water resistant and non-slip finish to reduce the risk of falls around the home.

    Download Grab Rail Maintenance Guide

  • Lift/Leg Actuator

    This one actuator is for the lift/lower function, and also to extend/retract the leg rest

  • Lightweight Self-Propelled Wheelchair

    Lightweight Self-Propelled Wheelchair with a total weight of just 10.6kg. Independently tested and approved by SGS to meet AS/NZS 3695.1:2011 standards.

    One of the most cost-effective Lightweight Wheelchair available in the market.

  • Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

    Lightweight Transit Wheelchair with a total weight of just 9.6kg. Independently tested and approved by SGS to meet AS/NZS 3695.1:2011 standards.