• Infrared Thermometer

    Non-Contact Thermometer with Body, Room and Surface temperature modes, recorded by push button action with instant display.

  • Jar Opener

    Designed to break the vacuum seal, which makes the jar much easier to open with minimal effort.

    A plastic jar opener for removing pop off lids from jars.
    Consists of an integral hook and a flat wide handle.
    Position against rim of lid and gently lift to release vacuum until middle of lid pops up.

    Product Code: GM-HMP-060

  • Lotion Applicator

    The lotion applicator is an easy way to apply bath gel or body lotion to hard to reach places. As the balls rotate, they gently glide over the skin releasing the liquid.

  • Lumbar Support Cushion

    Our Lumbar Support Cushion is built to support the spinal curvature of your lower back, relieving pain in the upper, middle, and lower areas while also minimizing pressure along the sciatic nerve. The contoured shape and memory foam reduces fatigue and strain on the body’s muscles and the breathable perforated fabric and an adjustable strap ensures your back stays dry and the cushion stays where you want it.


    Memory Foam
    Perforated breathable fabric
    Adjustable Strap
    Contoured Shape

  • Over Bed Table

    This versatile Over Bed Table features a split top design. The smaller end remains stationary, while the larger section is adjustable, allowing for tilting. The frame is easily adjustable to different heights and can be folded flat for convenient storage.

  • Over Wheelchair Table

    Table specifically designed to go over a wheelchair, providing the user with obstacle free access.

  • Shoe Horn

    Extra long shoe horn with a flexible neck, perfect when needing that extra reach when putting on shoes.

  • Sock Assist

    The sock assist is the no fuss way to putting socks on. Designed to help those who may other wise find the task a little difficult, the long fabric handle and soft covering make fitting the socks a comfortable, no-harm experience.

  • Steps

    Goldfern Mobility assistance steps help users get to hard to reach spots in a safe manner. Rust free aluminium frames, allow access for all around the house including bathrooms.

  • Swivel Seat

    This seat offers a smooth, full swivel movement for those who need assistance getting in and out of vehicles, and up and down from chairs.

  • Table Top Cane Holder

    The table top cane holder folds without fuss, and opens easily to allow the walking stick to perch perfectly on the edge of any table.

    Clips on to most standard spec walking stick.

  • Sale!

    Table Top Jar Opener

    Jar opener to assist people with reduced hand strength.

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