Warranty & Repairs

Goldfern Mobility provides a warranty on most of our products from date of purchase. Please refer to each product specification for the warranty period applicable when used in a private setting. For products used in a commercial or hire setting, the warranty period will be half of that stated, unless otherwise agreed with Goldfern Mobility. This warranty is to provide a guarantee that any product purchased from Goldfern Mobility will be free from material and workmanship defects.

If a problem does arise with any Goldfern Mobility product within the warranty period, please complete the warranty/repair form on our website including images. The form can be downloaded from our website www.goldfernmobility.co.nz.

 Alternatively, you can email us at hello@goldfernmobility.co.nz, or phone us on 0800 100 971 to receive a return authorisation.

Depending on the circumstance and product, Goldfern Mobility may request for the product to be returned to our Head Office for assessment or we may arrange for a sub-contractor to inspect on site. Should a product be found to be defective, Goldfern Mobility reserves the right to either repair or replace the item. We endeavour to resolve all warranty issues as quickly as possible.

Warranties will not apply to products that have been damaged due to normal wear and tear, when products have not been used as intended, when unapproved modifications have been made to products.

Goldfern Mobility agree to fulfill our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

AA Mobility Care Membership

Every Merits Mobility Scooter, purchased via a Golden Mobility reseller, now comes with a 3-year AA Mobility Care Membership. Where a Nominated Mobility Scooter becomes immobile, the AA will attend, and, if unable to mobilise, either:

  1. Deliver the owner to their home address and arrange for the Mobility Scooter to be deliveredto the owner’s home address as soon as practicable.
  2. If the driver wishes to remain with the Mobility Scooter, the AA will arrange for recovery of both the driver and Mobility Scooter to the owner’s home address, by means of a taxi van.

This is free of charge to the driver as the cost of the taxi is charged back to the AA.

Taxi Assistance - Metropolitan areas only

Within metropolitan areas where Mobility Vans are available, the AA will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure both the driver and the scooter are transported to the owner’s home address (or to any other address as specified by the driver at the time, providing the distance is no greater than to the owner’s home address).

In order for the AA to provide service, the driver must remain with the Mobility Scooter until the AA Service Provider arrives.

The AA will not attend any Mobility Scooter that is immobile at the Owner’s home address which requires repairs to be carried out.

AA Contact Details

24 Hour Roadside: 0800 500 222
Mobile: *222
AA Customer Service: 0800 500 444

Find AA Locations

AA Contact Details

24 Hour Roadside: 0800 500 222
Mobile: *222
AA Customer Service: 0800 500 444

Find AA Locations

Terms & Conditions

General Delivery
Each 12-month Mobility Care policy comes with unlimited service callouts, and service coverage is on any public road within the North and South Islands of New Zealand. In all cases, the method and extent of the Service provided will rest with the AA Service Provider.
The AA Service Provider will endeavour to make the Nominated Mobility Scooter mobile at the roadside so that the driver can continue their journey. However, where this is not possible or practical, or where any mechanical action may void any part of the Nominated Mobility Scooter’s warranty, vehicle recovery will be provided.
Where the AA does not have an account with the taxi company, the driver may need to pay and send the receipt to the AA for reimbursement.
Conditions of AA Roadside Assistance
The AA will provide service to nominated Mobility Scooters as follows:

Public Legal Roads
Service will only be provided to Nominated Mobility Scooters disabled on constructed roads/driveways that are legally and safely trafficable by conventional two wheel drive vehicles and/ or the towing/ recovery vehicle (where required) as determined by the AA Service Provider. Service will be provided to Nominated Mobility Scooters stranded on a public road provided no special equipment (such as power winches, extended cables, etc) are required.

Bogged Mobility Scooter Recovery
Where the Nominated Mobility Scooter becomes disabled off a legally designated/formed public road (such as a beach, field or creek bed), rescue of the Mobility Scooter may be arranged at the discretion of the AA Service Provider, and at the driver’s expense.

Special Equipment
Should special equipment be necessary to effectively deliver service and/or where the AA Service Provider has to return to their facility to obtain and special equipment, the additional cost involved will be charged to and paid by the driver.

Natural Disasters
The AA reserves the right to alter and/or offer alternative assistance where a natural disaster places extraordinary demands on the provisions of service. Where a disabled Nominated Mobility Scooter cannot be reached, (e.g. due to floods, slips, fire, etc), the AA Service Provider will attempt to provide whatever alternative assistance is practical under the circumstances. Any such assistance will be at the discretion of the AA and will not be unreasonably withheld. The AA will provide assistance on a best endeavours basis and offer to contact a towing contractor to attend the Mobility Scooter.

Unattended Mobility Scooters
Where the Nominated Mobility Scooter is found unattended, the roadside assistance job will be aborted and your company will be informed of the incident accordingly. Any subsequent calls for service (deemed by the AA Service Provider to be for the same incident) will be at the driver’s expense.

Unauthorised Attempted Repairs
Where the AA Service Provider attends a roadside assistance call and, after initial inspection, reasonably considers a prior attempt to repair the Nominated Mobility Scooter has caused subsequent damage (and the Nominated Mobility Scooter cannot be started or driven without risk of further damage), the AA Service Provider will communicate with an AA service representative to ensure that the Mobility Scooter warranty has not been compromised before any further service is offered.
Should the AA service representative recommend that service is no longer valid under the mechanical warranty; any cost of service under this circumstance would be at the driver’s expense and without any liability on the part of the AA.

Courtesy Service
Where service is requested for a Mobility Scooter deemed to be covered under the Mobility Care programme (on producing a policy number/information) but that is not listed on the AA database, the AA will provide service as authorised in the agreement. The AA will inform your company the next working day of any registration numbers not listed.
Where Service is requested for a vehicle that is found not to be nominated after 30 days from the date of purchase of warranty, the AA may charge a fee in extreme circumstances where third party costs are involved.

Scooter Warranty

Goldfern Mobility, on behalf of Merits Health Products, warrants these Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs against defects in materials and workmanship for a designated period from the date of purchase. Warranties are subject to certain limitations and exclusions as defined below and supported throughout New Zealand by Goldfern Mobility Ltd. For scooters used in a commercial or hire setting, the warranty period will be half of that stated, unless otherwise agreed with Goldfern Mobility.

Goldfern Mobility will, at their sole discretion, repair or replace parts found upon examination by an authorised representative of Goldfern Mobility, to be defective in material and/or workmanship.


Structural frame components, including: Main frame, seat post, fork, tiller frame


Drive components, including: Motors, transaxle, brake, electronics