• Bed Backrest

    Bed backrest perfect for those who need to be propped up in bed or seeking that extra bit of support.

  • Bendable Comfort Grip Cutlery

    Knife, fork and spoon designed with large, comfort-grip weighted handles.

  • Bottom Wiper

  • Car Exit Aid

    Make getting in and out of the car, easier and safer with the Car Exit Aid.


    • Comfortable contoured handle
    • Shaped tip for breaking glass in the event of an emergency
    • Hidden blade to assist in cutting the seatbelt in the event of an emergency
    • Fits any car door chassis latch
    • Stores in the glovebox or door pocket

    Product code: GM-IC-CARAID

  • Comb & Brush Set

  • Deluxe Reacher

    Handheld Reacher designed with an ergonomically friendly trigger grip.

  • Dinner Set

    Full cutlery package, including dinner plate with plastic food spill guard, non-slip placemat, knife, fork and spoon.

  • Electric Lift Chair

    Electric lift chair designed to assist those who struggle to lift themselves from the comfort of their armchair.

    NOTE: Resellers requiring a drop-ship service to an address other than their place of business, on this item, will incur an additional charge. POA.

  • Folding Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer

    The folding pedal exerciser helps to strengthen your legs and/or arms and hands while increasing your blood circulation.


  • Foot Stool with Handle

    This solid foot stool gives users height with added stability when needed.

  • Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon

    Introducing the Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon—smart tableware for individuals with hand tremors.

    Its self-stabilizing mechanics offer assistance to Parkinson’s patients or individuals who suffer from hand tremors, making meals easier and more comfortable. Portable and versatile, it’s the perfect solution for independent eating.

  • Handwarmers

    Stay comfortable in the cold outdoors with the additional warmth provided by this hand warmer.
    Air activated, it is designed to reach an average activated temperature of 53°C to keep your hands warm. In addition, it is capable of lasting around 20 hours.

    Air activated
    53°C average activated temperature
    Around 20 hours of heat
    No batteries, no microwaves

    Dimensions: 130mmx100mm

    Available in boxes of 30 handwarmers

More Information About Our Daily Living Aids

What some able people might view as a basic task around the home, can be incredibly difficult for someone with limited ability. Our Daily Living Aids are designed to allow those with limited ability, the chance to regain independence and provide a sense of achievement by making the impossible, possible

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