• Bed Backrest

    Bed backrest perfect for those who need to be propped up in bed or seeking that extra bit of support.

  • Cutlery

    Knife, fork and spoon designed with large, comfort-grip weighted handles.

  • Dinner Set

    Full cutlery package, including dinner plate with plastic food spill guard, non-slip placemat, knife, fork and spoon.

  • Electric Lift Chair

    Electric lift chair designed to assist those who struggle to lift themselves from the comfort of their armchair.

  • Folding Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer

    The folding pedal exerciser helps to strengthen your legs and/or arms and hands while increasing your blood circulation.

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    Gyenno Spoon

    Smart spoon that reduces the impact of hand tremors when eating.

  • Lotion Applicator

    The lotion applicator is an easy way to apply bath gel or body lotion to hard to reach places. As the balls rotate, they gently glide over the skin releasing the liquid.

  • Over Bed Table

    This height adjustable, over bed table is constructed with a strong metal frame on four castor wheels, designed to slide under any bed on any surface with ease.

  • Over Wheelchair Table

    Table specifically designed to go over a wheelchair, providing the user with obstacle free access.

  • Perch Stool

    This multi purpose Perch Stool with Back is designed to make sitting down and getting up easier and enables the user to carry out daily tasks while ‘perching’.

  • Reacher

    Handheld Reacher designed with an ergonomically friendly trigger grip.

  • Shoe Horn

    Extra long shoe horn with a flexible neck, perfect when needing that extra reach when putting on shoes.

More Information About Our Daily Living Aids

What some able people might view as a basic task around the home, can be incredibly difficult for someone with limited ability. Our Daily Living Aids are designed to allow those with limited ability, the chance to regain independence and provide a sense of achievement by making the impossible, possible

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