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Daily Living Aids

Our daily living aids are where practicality meets innovation, to support individuals with diverse needs in their day-to-day activities. Our curated selection encompasses a wide range of aids designed to enhance independence and convenience for seniors and those with mobility challenges.

Bed Backrest

Bed backrest perfect for those who need to be propped up in bed or seeking that extra bit of support.

Bendable Comfort Grip Cutlery

Knife, fork and spoon designed with large, comfort-grip weighted handles.

Bottom Wiper

The Bottom Wiper tool is a specially designed aid for elderly individuals and those with mobility issues, providing dignity and independence in personal hygiene.

Car Exit Aid

Make getting in and out of the car, easier and safer with the Car Exit Aid.

Comb & Brush Set

The Comb and Brush Set is designed for ease of use, ideal for elderly and disabled individuals.

Dinner Set

Full cutlery package, including dinner plate with plastic food spill guard, non-slip placemat, knife, fork and spoon.

Duluxe Reacher

The Handheld Reacher features an ergonomically designed trigger grip, ensuring comfortable use.

Electric Lift Chair

The Electric Lift Chair is designed to assist those who have difficulty rising from their armchair. NOTE: Resellers requiring a drop-ship service to an address other than their place of business, on this item, will incur an additional charge. POA.

Folding Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer

The Folding Pedal Exerciser helps to strengthen your legs and/or arms and hands while increasing your blood circulation.

Foot Stool with Handle

This solid foot stool gives users height with added stability when needed.

Goldfern Comfort

Introducing the Goldfern Comfort incontinence range, offering maximum absorbency at an affordable price.

Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon

The Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon is a revolutionary tableware product designed to provide a secure and comfortable dining experience for individuals with Parkinson’s or similar hand tremors.


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