• Back Recline Actuator

    This one actuator is designed to lower and raise the back rest.

  • Battery Backup

    The external battery backup is designed for the Goldfern Mobility lift chair to hold a charge, and engage if there is a power cut in your home.
    When fully charged, the battery backup will run for approx 24hours.

  • Castor Wheel

    Small castor wheel to fit the frame of an electric lift chair base

  • Lift/Leg Actuator

    This one actuator is for the lift/lower function, and also to extend/retract the leg rest

  • Plastic Foot

    Small plastic foot for the underside of a lift chair frame

  • Power Pack

    Mains power pack & cord for electric lift chair

  • Remote Control

    This remote control is the standard remote control for the Goldfern Mobility Lift Chair. For 2017 models onward.

More Information About Our Lift Chair Parts

Parts and accessories available for the Goldfern Mobility Lift Chair.

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